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Himmel Pharma was created in 2006 as a group of companies with distribution setup supplying general and specialty medicine to various hospitals in Pakistan!

About HimmelPharma

Company History

Himmel Pharma was created in 2006 as a group of companies with distribution setup supplying general and specialty medicine to various hospitals in Pakistan.

Board of Directors

Consists of senior most marketers of Pakistan with working experience of Giant multinational companies which are global leaders in oncology

Executive Committee

Professional with versatile experience of corporate sectors having key positions in major corporate firms of Pakistan in the past.

Distribution Network

We have our own strong distribution network, our dedicated team has operations in all the major cities of Pakistan. Today Himmel is amongst top distribution networks in all the Govt & Army institutes of Pakistan.

Become a Partner

We collaborate closely with partners who share a common vision and complementary strengths to achieve success.

Live Longer, Healthier and Happier Lives

Himmel was one of those companies who bring targeted treatments to patients. With our strength in pharmaceuticals, we are better equipped than any other company to provide latest healthcare.

Our management team is comprised of trained pharmaceutical professionals with impeccable scientific training, global business know-how and substantial experience with major regulatory authorities.

Himmel Pharma is a specialty pharmaceutical company with a strategic focus on developing and commercializing healthcare products, as well as providing premier development-to-commercialization services with cost-effective capability solutions in Pakistan Healthcare. We specialize in the market expansion of innovative healthcare products. We understand the culture and work in the language of the markets we serve.

The mission of our Company is to market and bring pharmaceutical healthcare products to patients with serious and/or life-threatening diseases. We partner and collaborate with innovators, delivering expedited product development and modern commercialization processes that assist with meeting critical endpoints, leveraging technology to shorten timelines, and employing learning resources to maintain high quality.

Our therapeutic areas of expertise include oncology. Our in-depth expertise and capabilities focus on three key areas: Product Development, Commercialization, Quality & Compliance. We have extensive practical experience from working in the Healthcare Industry, specifically in the areas of product, quality and compliance/Supply chain security, and global commercialization. Our management team includes professional experts in business development, marketing, sales, regulatory, pharmacovigilance, Quality & Compliance. We provide companies with accessibility and market expansion in Pakistan. We are familiar with the key players in the market, including manufacturers, distributors, and major reimbursement entities product, etc.